labrador tower facade

Labrador Tower to Showcase SP Group’s Cutting-Edge Green and Digital Energy Technologies

SP Group’s upcoming project, Labrador Tower, is set to exemplify the company’s prowess in green and digital energy solutions. This office-and-retail development aims to revolutionize energy efficiency in commercial buildings, with an air-conditioning system expected to be 50% more energy-efficient than conventional systems.

The key to these impressive energy savings lies in the innovative technologies employed. Labrador Tower will utilize underground thermal-energy storage, a microclimate control system, and hybrid active chilled beams. SP Group anticipates the completion of Labrador Tower by mid-2024, making it a prominent feature near the Labrador Park MRT station and a lush nature reserve.

The thermal storage tank, a vital component of this energy-efficient system, will be strategically placed in the basement of the office tower. This location optimizes energy efficiency, especially for commercial buildings that see intensive daytime usage and remain vacant overnight.

The process involves generating cold water during off-peak hours, typically at night, using a chiller plant. This chilled water is then stored in the thermal tank, ready to be utilized during the day to cool the building efficiently. Surbana Jurong Group, the architect behind the Labrador Tower project, emphasized the significance of this sustainable approach in reducing energy consumption.

Surbana Jurong played a pivotal role in various aspects of the Labrador Tower project, including mechanical, civil, and structural engineering works. The collaboration between Surbana Jurong and SP Group has been instrumental in shaping Labrador Tower’s sustainability goals, making it a groundbreaking development poised to set new standards for green and energy-efficient buildings.

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